IOM Nieuwsbrief februari 2014

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Training of Trainers

Training of Cultural Orientation Trainers (ToT)

During the last week of January IOM the Netherlands hosted in The Hague five trainers from Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya and Colombia. The trainers are specialized in providing pre-departure Cultural Orientation to migrants coming to the Netherlands under a resettlement of family reunification program.

A network of 14 trainers allows IOM to prepare migrants worldwide for their future in the Netherlands. During their stay the participants had a hands-on experience of what life in the Netherlands looks like and have been informed on what the refugee’s main integration challenges are. During meetings with the IND, COA and the Dutch Refugee Council the trainers have been provided with a detailed picture of the Dutch asylum and integration system.

The goal of the initiative is to strengthen the coordination between pre-departure trainings and post-arrival activities. The trainers will use their knowledge to help migrants having realistic expectations for their future and learning crucial skills and attitudes for their integration. Overall, IOM pre-departure Cultural Orientation facilitates the migration process and enhances migrants’ chances of succeeding in the Netherlands.

IOM starts TRQN Project in Sudan

IOM is expanding its TRQN III project to Sudan. Sudan will replace South Sudan as a target country. The Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN III) project contributes to the development of selected countries by facilitating the temporary return of qualified nationals residing in the Netherlands.

Other target countries are Afghanistan, Armenia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Morocco, and Somalia.
Because of the volatile political and security situation in South Sudan IOM decided to stop the TRQN activities  here. However, IOM is a leading actor in the humanitarian response to the current crisis. Since last December, IOM has registered over 110,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs); distributed essential relief supplies to over 210,000 people; and conducted nearly 8,000 health consultations at medical clinics across the country.
More information on this project will be available soon on our website.

 Turkish Delegation visits the Netherlands

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) hosted at the end of January a delegation of Turkish airport border guards. The scope of the study visit was to share knowledge and trends on Identity and Document fraud.
During a four days programme the members of the delegation, accompanied by IOM Turkey staff, had meetings with the IND Documents Bureau and with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Shiphol airport. The visit takes place in the context of international cooperation between EU and neighboring countries on migration management and border control and offered an important learning opportunity to both the Turkish and the Dutch sides.

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