IOM Highlights Integration Role at New Year’s Reception

receptieAt its annual New Year’s Reception on 2 February IOM highlighted its increasing involvement in the field of labour market participation in the Netherlands.
The reception was well-attended by representatives from Embassies, Consulates and the Dutch government, as well as by IOM staff from Belgium.
Efforts made only by newcomers themselves to integrate will not be successful if the host society is not facilitating their integration.
IOM’s Chief of Mission Martin Wyss stressed that integration of newcomers is a must to ensure healthy societies.
In the field of labour market participation, IOM actively cooperates with the private sector. Robert Blaauw, managing director of Tolk-en Vertaalcentrum Nederland talked about TVcN’s shortage of interpreters, which led to the initiative of training selected beneficiaries of international protection in the Netherlands as apprentice interpreters. The apprentice interpreters no longer need to rely on social benefits and are earning a good living as interpreters. ‘When it comes to migration, it is about the will of various involved parties to build bridges. TVcN and IOM share the passion to help refugees to become talented professionals again,’ Robert Blaauw said.

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