Georgia : Zaza Magalasjvili: “Inspiring Young Film Makers to Find Their Vocation”

Georgia - Zaza Magalasjvili:

Georgia 1Zaza Magalasjvili, originally from Georgia, is a Dutch film maker and cameraman. He films, directs and edits films and tv commercials, and teaches drama lessons to young adults.

“I am a Dutch national, but originally from Georgia to which I have a strong bond. I am very committed to use my experience to train Georgian professional filmmakers how to edit films.
For IOM’s Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) programme, I was assigned to the Art Villa Garikula in the Kaspi region of Georgia; a contemporary arts centre stimulating the creation and dissemination of art. They aspire to become a cultural crossroads where Europe meets Asia by bringing together artists from all over the world.”

“The Art Villa approached IOM for a candidate living and working in Western Europe but with an extensive social network in Georgia. I gave 6 workshops and 6 master classes for students from Tbilisi art institutions in film production: how to develop a pitch in a screen story, learn basic camera techniques, the aesthetics and perception of sound, how to use a story board and the succession of shots. To put their acquired knowledge into practice,
a group of selected trainees shot and edited a documentary.” The training contributed greatly to the popularity of the Art Villa and helped to raise public awareness of its educational activities.

georgia 2“For me personally it was very positive to get re-acquainted with Georgia after many years in the Netherlands. Being given the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in my home country was a strong motivation. The most important was to transfer additional knowledge and necessary skills to help young Georgians to find and get settled into a profession.”