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Morocco: Aziz Arrouchi

TRQN Aziz Morocco 1Aziz Arrouchdi is a social worker with master’s degree in Sociology (University of Rabat, Morocco) and an international track record related to training counsellors working with vulnerable young people. He worked with civil society in the Netherlands, Morocco, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Kenya, which gave him a solid background in dealing with diverse socio-cultural contexts.

The Rawabit Assadaka Association in Tangier, Morocco approached IOM for an experienced TRQN candidate with Moroccan roots. The Association aims at empowering, counselling and coaching children aged 8-18 from poor neighbourhoods in Tangier. The centre offers the children activities in the areas of arts, education and sports.

“The centre required an experienced sociological expert to coach its instructors in social and psychological guidance. I developed a special training kit so the instructors can now train other staff involved in the centre’s activities. For me it is very rewarding being able to use my skills and expertise as a sociologist and psychosocial expert to share knowledge and to help create opportunities for young people for a better future.”

“I had the opportunity to work in many different situations in countries and each time when facing challenges my experiences confirmed the importance of reaching out to people with an open mind, strengthening their capacities, building bridges and overcoming divides.”TRQN Aziz Morocco 4
I can contribute to the Rawabit Assadaka Association by strengthening the potential and professionalism of the staff and the abilities of the team to give tailor-made support to the children. Secondly, I invest in outreach to involve key actors in society and to encourage implementing the methodology in education and in society.  
“I believe in the power of people, especially young adults, to make the world a better place. My aim is to build upon the personal strengths, skills, abilities and talents of the individual. Basically, to empower his or her potential so they can function as a team player and a constructive actor of change in the society they live in.”

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