Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D)

New CD4D project Connects Diaspora Expertise with Countries of Origin

CD4D supports the development of targeted sectors in selected countries by strengthening the capacity of key institutions through the engagement of their diaspora communities in the Netherlands.

Engaging diaspora with their countries of origin is an important aspect of IOM’s work. IOM’s new project CD4D enables diaspora professionals to use their knowledge and expertise for the reconstruction and development of their country of origin. CD4D is a continuation of IOM’s successful Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) project. The CD4D project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many countries have a considerable number of professionals among their diaspora communities in the Netherlands. They also face brain drain and often lack qualified human resources. Through temporary physical and online assignments, professional diaspora members, residing in the Netherlands, are linked to institutions in their countries of origin to share knowledge and expertise. To enhance the impact of the assignments, internships and training opportunities are offered in the Netherlands for representatives of host institutions.

Diaspora experts are instrumental in establishing and maintaining sustainable links between institutions in the Netherlands and institutions in the target countries. The project facilitates various connections that will be established and maintained:

  • Connections between diaspora experts and representatives of host institutions;
  • Connections between institutions in the Netherlands and host institutions;
  • Connections between diaspora experts themselves.

CD4D is demand-driven, meaning that all assignments respond to the capacity-building needs in the selected priority institutions.  The project focusses on capacity building in sectors and key institutions that have been identified by the four target countries:

Country Priority sectors
Afghanistan Healthcare, Rural and Urban Development
Ethiopia Agriculture, Education and Healthcare
Sierra Leone Agriculture, Education and Healthcare
Federal Republic of Somalia Agriculture and Infrastructure


Ghana and Morocco also figured as target countries but they were phased out of the project in September, 2017.

Project Principles:

  • Demand driven, based on identified needs in the selected countries.
  • Knowledge and skills transfer through short assignments in the country of origin and online assignments, based on Terms of Reference provided by the Host Organization.
  • Alignment with national development strategies and policies.
  • Cooperation with identified key institutions within priority sectors for which a development plan will be made, based on a Theory of Change.
  • Strengthening capacities and commitment of the key institutions to involve diaspora for development.
  • Close cooperation with diaspora communities for long term engagement.
  • Partnerships between institutions in countries of origin and countries of residence.

More Information

For information about IOM the Netherlands’ Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme please contact:
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