“It is important to have a dream”

My name is Namir*. I live in Afghanistan.Afghanistan small

The Netherlands is so different from my country.
I did not have the right papers there and that made me nervous. I also missed my family. One day I had enough. I felt too insecure about my future, and I wanted to go home.

But returning without anything would have made me feel ashamed. I only wanted to go back to Afghanistan when I had a clear plan for the future. I was once a shepherd, but also trained and worked as a mechanic. I wanted to use this knowledge to start my own business.

Once I had a workable plan, I felt confident about returning home. I decided to start a small metal workshop in Kabul. My technical expertise was good, but I did not have enough money to start my business.
I also had doubts whether I could earn enough money to support my family. I contacted an old friend in my village, and we decided to go into business together.

In our shop we sell iron boxes, heaters, ovens and other metal products. My friend discovered that there is high demand for metal products. I would like to continue the business partnership because it works well, however sometime in the future when I make enough money I plan to start my own business. It is important to have a dream.

 *All names are fictitious


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