WorldTools Plus project

The WorldTools 2015-2018 project offers support to migrants who want to return to their country of origin. The project combines the services of Dutch NGO Stichting Wereldwijd with IOM’s reintegration assistance. The support that can be given to migrants wishing to return to their countries of origin consists of:

  1. Materials, tools and machines from Wereldwijd to start a small business in countries of origin. If required, Wereldwijd offers migrants a basic professional training (e.g. welding) and the development of a plan of action.
  2. Assistance with reintegration from IOM in countries of origin and, if requested by the migrant and Wereldwijd.

During IOM consultations the IOM Project Officer will share information about the WorldTools project. Interested migrants can make an appointment for an intake with Wereldwijd about wishes and ideas with regard to starting up a business and the possibility of selecting items necessary for the specific business set up as well as a short training. The box with materials, tools and machines will be sent to the migrant after his or her departure from the Netherlands.

Below you can download folders in several languages

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