Third Country Resettlement

IOM assists migrants for third country resettlement under the REAN programme.

In order to participate the migrant must already have obtained a permanent residence permit for the destination country. Resettlement under the REAN programme is defined as: the departure of migrants without a permit of residence in the Netherlands to a third country where the migrants have not previously (legally) resided and where admission has been granted. When a residence permit in the Netherlands is withdrawn, either by the migrant or by the Dutch authorities, it is possible to participate to the IOM resettlement programme.

Eligibility criteria
The criteria for participating to the IOM resettlement programme are:

  • all the REAN eligibility criteria;
  • the migrant is responsible for obtaining a residence permit in the destination country. IOM does not assist the migrant during the application process in filling or translating forms;
  • the migrant has already obtained an original and official permanent residence permit for the destination country;
  • the migrant has never previously legally resided in the destination country;
  • resettlement programmes which require capital investment do not qualify for assistance and departure with IOM.

IOM assists eligible migrants under the resettlement programme with:

  • information about resettlement;
  • reimbursement of the mandatory fees for obtaining a permanent residence permit;
  • a flight to the destination country;
  • a financial allowance in order to meet the first needs after arrival from the Netherlands;
  • assistance during check-in and boarding at Schiphol airport.

Financial allowance
Next to providing assistance upon departure from the Netherlands, IOM grants a financial allowance (OSB) under the REAN programme ranging from €200* for each adult or unaccompanied minor and an extra allowance for each underage child travelling ranging from €40*.
For more information, go to the REAN programme page.

Reintegration programme for resettlement
Migrants who resettle to another country can receive a complementary reintegration allowance from the AVRR-NL project. Migrants participating to refugee resettlement programmes sponsored by the destination country are not eligible for the reintegration allowance.

Application for the resettlement programme
Please note that the resettlement procedure can take up to 6 – 18 months before approval, depending on the procedure of the destination country. Upon a negative decision in an asylum case the migrant has little time left for arranging his departure from the Netherlands. It is very important to submit the resettlement application timely.

Destination countries
For more information about the eligibility criteria click on the name of the country:
Australië, Canada, New Zealand and USA

For more information about the REAN programme and the resettlement eligibility criteria with IOM you can call 088- 746 44 66

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