Migrants with a Medical Indication

The return of migrants with a health indication requires special attention. IOM can provide individual assistance in addition to the provisions based on the REAN programme.Medical English-Rean november 2015-1
Depending on the advice of the doctor and requests of the migrant, the assistance provided by IOM may consist of the following:

  • Research availability and costs of medical care in the country of origin (CoO);
  • Departure, transit and arrival assistance;
  • Limited budget for medical expenditures in CoO;
  • Reintegration assistance for migrants with a chronic indication;
  • Referral to medical institutions in CoO;
  • Social or medical escort if required;
  • Handover to family or health care facility

For more information, contact:

Sofie Barendse
Medical Nederlands-Rean november 2015-1P.O. box 10796
2501 HT The Hague
The Netherlands
T: 0031-70-3181500



As of July 12, 2017, migrants with the Ukrainian nationality will be excluded from voluntary return support by IOM. Migrants who submitted an application to IOM before July 12, 2017 are still eligible for support with voluntary return to Ukraine.

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