Return from Administrative Detention

Administrative Detention 

Migrants who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands may be placed in administrative detention by the government, to prepare them for their departure from the Netherlands. IOM wants to reach out to migrants in administrative detention to inform them about voluntary return to their countries of origin.

IOM staff is present in all centres for administrative detention, to provide migrants with the relevant information and, if desired, to support them with their preparations for return. 
IOM for example assists migrants with their application for travel documents and the process of booking and paying for tickets IOM can also arrange medical assistance. In some cases,  IOM can provide financial support.


 A migrant in administrative detention wishing to discuss his or her individual options can directly contact an IOM Project Officer. IOM is represented in all centres for alien detention. Appointments can also be made by completing a so-called 'sprekersbriefje' at the detention centre. IOM can be contacted directly by telephone: + 31 (0)88 746 44 66


To help migrants in detention to reach a decision about their return IOM produced the film 'Caged', which gives a realistic view of the situation migrants in detention are in and the choices open to them.
You can watch the Caged Video here:

caged 2
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