Voluntary Departure from the Netherlands (REAN)

The REAN programme (Return and Emigration Assistance from the Netherlands) supports migrants with voluntary return to the country of origin or migration to a third country where permanent residence is guaranteed (resettlement). This programme is financially supported by the Dutch Government.

For whom?

All migrants residing in the Netherlands are eligible for support for voluntary departure, if they meet all following conditions:

    The applicant:
  • does not have the financial means to pay for the departure and intends to leave the Netherlands permanently.
  • has not departed from the Netherlands with IOM’s nor the Dutch government’s assistance in the last five years.
  • has (or will have) a valid travel document.
  • is not a national of a country that is excluded from REAN assistance (see REAN country list). 
  • agrees to terminate or withdraw the residence permit (procedure) prior to departure from the Netherlands
  • The government of the Netherlands does not have objections to the departure from the Netherlands.

What kind of support does IOM offer to a migrant under REAN?

  • Consultation and information about voluntary departure in the language of the migrant.
  • Logistical and financial support to plan the journey
  • Assistance with obtaining a travel document and reimbursement of the associated costs.
  • Assistance at Schiphol airport with the departure and, if required, during transit and at the arrival airport.
  • In many cases a financial allowance to cover expenses in the first period after departure from the Netherlands (see section Financial Contributions).
  • Extra support is offered to unaccompanied minors, victims of trafficking and migrants with medical concerns.

Support with obtaining travel documents

IOM informs migrants about obtaining a travel document and, if required, supports migrants with the request for obtaining a travel document. Nevertheless, the migrant remains responsible for obtaining a travel document. The addresses of embassies and consulates are published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Financial support

Migrants who are eligible for voluntary departure from the Netherlands with support of IOM are eligible for a financial allowance of 200 Euros per adult/unaccompanied minor and 40 Euros per accompanied minor to sustain initial needs after arrival in the country of origin.

Nationals from the following countries are only eligible for limited financial allowance of 100 Euros per adult/unaccompanied minor and 40 Euros per accompanied child if the applicant does not have the financial means to travel further form the airport to the final destination after arrival:
Algeria, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey.

In addition to the REAN support, migrants can be eligible for receiving financial and/or in-kind support for reintegration in the country of origin. The in-kind support is facilitated by the IOM office in the country of origin and can be used for starting/investing in a business, educational purposes, or, if required, partially for housing. During counselling eligibility for assistance to the migrant will be assessed..

More information or submit an application for voluntary return?

Download here the REAN information sheet in different languages.
More details about the possibilities of support for departure from the Netherlands per target group can be found in the dropdown menu.
In case you wish to receive more information about the possibilities in case of return to the country of origin or to make use of the REAN regulation, you can visit one of the consultation hours or contact us via e-mail or telephone.

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