Family Reunification

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has a network of over 480 offices in more than 160 countries. IOM the Netherlands has provided Family Reunification assistance to more than 13.000 individuals since 1995.

IOM Assistance

IOM can assist migrants approved by the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) for family reunification in the following ways:

I. Pre-departure consultation

This consultation service offers assistance for individual family reunification cases. You can consult IOM the Netherlands by email or by phone from Monday to Friday between 13:30 and 16:30 with questions regarding travel until the family members arrive in the Netherlands. This service has a fixed fee of €120 per family.

This service provides you access to information concerning travel, travel documents and exit procedures 


  • Complete the application and make the payment;
    You will receive an email with your case number which you can use to consult IOM about your case.

II. Family Reunification assistance

  • Flight booking and ticket issuance;
  • Verification of travel documents;
  • Advise on obtaining exit permission;
  • Accommodation arrangements (necessary for the journey);
  • Assistance with medical cases including determining if passenger is fit to travel;
  • Arranging a (medical) escort;
  • Personal assistance at airport of departure, transit and arrival.

Due to agreements with different airlines, IOM can offer favourable rates with flexible conditions. When possible, departure is arranged within a few days to two weeks after validation of travel documents.


  1. Within days of receiving the application, IOM will provide a cost estimate;
  2. If in agreement with the cost estimate;
  3. sponsor transfers full amount to IOM;
  4. Upon receipt of full amount, IOM sends confirmation of receipt;
  5. IOM in the country of departure contacts the family members;
  6. IOM in the country of departure verifies travel documents and makes travel arrangements;
  7. IOM informs applicant of travel arrangements;
  8. After the journey, IOM calculates the actual costs. If these differ from the cost estimate, IOM will provide reimbursement or request an additional payment.


IOM cannot provide financial support for family reunification, or information where to find funds.
Applicants must cover the costs or find a sponsor to assist with the payment. The Dutch Council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk) may provide financial support through the Refugee Fund (Vluchtelingenfonds). You can contact your regional VluchtelingenWerk office for more information.

Travel documents and visas

IOM cannot assist with obtaining travel documents or visas. However, IOM can provide information on the procedures through the consultation service.


IOM has extensive experience in assisting children with international travel and can provide an escort.

Requesting IOM Assistance

Before family reunification can take place, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) must approve the visa applications.
Please note this service can only be requested through the online application form.


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088-746 44 44 (Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 16:30)


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