North African Government Officials Explore Return and Reintegration

Nine senior government officials from Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia familiarized themselves with best practices in Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) in the Netherlands. Participants were particularly interested in the referral mechanism of vulnerable and stranded migrants and in the reintegration of returnees aimed at their contribution to the development and stabilization of communities of origin. The visit was initiated by IOM Egypt.
The visit introduced participants to the close cooperation between the Dutch government, IOM and public stakeholders in the provision of AVRR.

Through the AVRR programme, IOM facilitates the voluntary and informed return and reintegration beneficiaries. Aim of the programme is to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities that benefit the returnees and that contribute to the development and stabilization of their communities of origin. A successful reintegration may also diminish the likelihood of repeat irregular migration. AVRR is therefore an integral part of the migration and asylum policies of many countries and is regarded as the preferred option of return.
“The reintegration of individual migrants in their communities of origin is important, but irregular migration will not be prevented without actually improving the quality of life and social welfare of people in the communities of origins,” commented one of the participants.
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