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Sharing Expertise with My Home Country
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Afghanistan: Niloufar Rahim, Medical Doctor “A Lifelong Dream Coming True” (2)
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“With My Expertise I Can Save Lives”
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Sharing Expertise with My Home Country Is Very Effective

Mohmoud1“After the civil war started in Somalia I fled to the Netherlands in 1992 and asked for asylum. I was relieved I was allowed to stay and to contribute in a valuable way to my new country. I studied Commerce, specializing in Accountancy in Egypt, which proved to be very useful. In the Netherlands I worked for NGOs involved with education programmes in Somalia. This way I could support schools in Somalia through distance learning by guiding them with building a regular curriculum system. Through my work I established a good relationship with different institutions, which convinced me it would be more effective if I could apply my expertise in Somalia.”

“My country has lost a lot of academic knowledge because of the civil war because so many people left the country. Through IOM I could participate in a short capacity building assignment. This enabled me to invest the knowledge that I gained in Europe in my country of origin. It is so important that we bring back all the knowledge and expertise that we lost to rebuild our country. Currently many resource persons come back to Somalia through similar short assignments. Each of them has contributed really well; they achieved visible results for instance in Ministries and in several institutions.”

“During my time in Somalia I supported local organizations to improve their good governance and their financial administration. I also for instance taught modern business techniques to farmers about management and how they could apply for funds from international organizations. I trained them how to set up a solid financial structure; at the end of the training I asked them to do a pitch with prospective investors – aimed in getting them interested to invite the farmers for a second meeting. And this worked! One of my clients obtained an investment from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a UN agency supporting farmers, because he submitted a solid business plan and made a good pitch during the selection process.”

“During my stay in Somalia I met many people; at NGOs, institutions and local organizations. Speaking the language and sharing the same cultural background in combination with my expertise made my visit very effective. They requested me to give trainings, which I am happy to say I could give them without any hesitation and without financial gain on my part.”

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