CD4D: Strengthening Sierra Leone’s Diaspora Engagement

Sierra Leone is one of the six countries participating in IOM’s project Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D). Through this project IOM the Netherlands acts as facilitator and mediator between the diaspora living and working in the Netherlands and the institutions in the countries of origin. The other participating countries are Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco and Somalia. The project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The CD4D project aims to exchange knowledge, skills and attitudes of migrants for the reconstruction and development of their country of origin. CD4D is demand driven, based on priorities and development strategies of the countries of origin.

In Sierra Leone, IOM met with the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs and the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Education. The government showed its commitment to a smooth implementation of IOM’s CD4D project by identifying target sectors and priority institutions with capacity building needs. The Minister of Political and Public Affairs stressed the active commitment of Sierra Leone’s Dutch diaspora community with the development of their home country.