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Online Magazine: How to Help Refugees to Get a Job

This is the online magazine about VOORwerk. This publication is interesting for anyone who wants to help refugees to get a job; it is also a thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the project in the past three years.

The VOORwerk project focuses on the development of soft skills and employability skills, based on the talents of the individual participants. More than 3,000 refugees participated in the VOORwerk training. Participants told us that the training they received gives them confidence with getting a job. In other words: this approach works!

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The magazine gives you a mix of facts and stories about VOORwerk. Meet the project’s participants, employers and trainers and be inspired by their experiences. The VOORwerk is a collaboration between the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers COA, the International Organization for Migration IOM, and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.
The three-year project will end this month and aimed at refugees with a residence permit residing in asylum seekers centres. The project was made possible with a subsidy from the European Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (AMIF).

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Project VOORwerk into Full Swing

Project VOORwerk into Full Swing

image training Dronten10 October 2016 - In the VOORwerk project, COA, IOM and UAF work together to better prepare permit holders in COA reception centres for their entry in the labour market. In May the project kicked off at 10 COA pilot locations. The project provides trainings aimed at improving soft skills required to succeed in the Dutch labour market. Additionally, the project offers individual coaching for permit holders and helps them to acquire (voluntary) work placements. The first 250 permit holders have by now successfully completed the training.

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Project VOORwerk Starts

Logo VOORwerk webUTRECHT: On 9 May representatives from COA, IOM and UAF launched a new integration project: VOORwerk. VOORwerk offers information, training and individual guidance to permit holders residing in the reception centers to reduce the gap to the labour market in the Netherlands. The participating reception centers are located in Alkmaar, Assen, Baexem, Dronten, Grave, Hoogeveen, Luttelgeest, Overloon, Utrecht en Weert.

Permit holders will be prepared through special training modules to successfully enter the Dutch labour market. The training covers cultural differences as well as useful skills for finding a job in the Netherlands.

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