IOM Newsletter October 2014

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IOM the Netherlands-Newsletter October 2014

AVRR Research and Toolkit Enhance Return of Migrants with Health Concerns

Newsitem 1bSeventeen Return Stories-1Vulnerable migrants require special advice, guidance and resources to cope with their return and reintegration. 
IOM the Netherlands researched the challenges migrants with chronic medical conditions face during their reintegrating process. 
The results were issued in a Country Assessments Report, which is published together with a practical Toolkit for return.

IOM also produced the booklet ‘Seventeen Return Stories’ in which migrants tell about their personal experiences after return.

The Report and the Toolkit were announced at a symposium IOM organized about migrants with health issues. The symposium aimed to raise awareness by identifying key issues that should be taken into account in the return and reintegration process of migrants with health concerns. The event also focused on fostering a better understanding of the various stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities regarding assistance provision. The main issues that were identified during the symposium have been included in the final version of the Report and the Toolkit. 
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Download Country Assesments Report  
Download Toolkit for Return

Civil-military training with NATO

Oefening-smallIOM the Netherlands has been actively involved in civil-military cooperation and military training with NATO. 
In September eight IOM staff took part in training in Wildflecken, Germany with the 1st German Netherlands Corps (1 GNC), NATO’s Immediate Response Force for the year 2015. 1GNC deploys soldiers to locations where IOM implements emergency operations.

IOM provides assistance in complex crises globally and the exercise provided an opportunity to train the military and illustrate the migration dimension of complex emergencies.
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Showing the Positive Impact of Migration during Peace Run in The Hague

Newsitem 3a webOn 20 September a special IOM team took part in the Peace Run in The Hague.  This event, which attracted in total eight thousand runners, was organized in view of the UN’s International Day of Peace.

The IOM team consisted of representatives from the Dutch government and NGO’s, migrants of ten nationalities and IOM staff from The Hague and Brussels.  Together they ran under the slogan “It’s Amazing What Migrants Bring” to highlight the positive effects of migration. IOM’s runners had t-shirts carrying the campaign slogan and some runners carried suitcases with the campaign’s visuals.

IOM launched this worldwide campaign to show the contributions of migrants to host societies, which remain largely unknown with the general public. IOM believes that emphasizing migrant contributions will help societies to overcome stereotypes and to recognize the advantages of migration. Read more   

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