Change in support for migrants from visa-free countries and the ring around Europe that voluntarily want to return with IOM.

The Hague On 8th June, the State Secretary of Justice and Security decided that previously excluded categories of migrants would once again be entitled to support under the REAN program. This decision was taken in response to an evaluation based on previously adopted measures.

IOM may support the following categories of migrants who apply for voluntary return as of 1st July:

  • Migrants from the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia), Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia if they belong to the DT&V case load. Vulnerable migrants from these countries that do not belong to the DT&V case load can also return via the REAN program.
  • Migrants coming from the ring around Europe (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Belarus and Russia) are again eligible for a financial contribution (OSB) upon their voluntary departure with IOM.
  • Migrants from the Western Balkans, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and the ring around Europe are eligible for up to €100 OSB but only if they have insufficient resources to travel from the airport to their final destination after arrival.
  • Migrants from other visa-free countries will be able to use the REAN programme, including €200 OSB.

For more information on voluntary return support, please refer to our website.

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