Exhibition IOM in the Netherlands: ‘Achter de schermen van migratiemanagement’

Migration is a much debated topic in the political and public domain - it is also a topic in which groups increasingly face each other rather than stand next to each other. With a special exhibition, the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Migration Agency, aims to familiarize the public with its activities in migration management. IOM the Netherlands dedicates itself daily to humane and orderly migration that benefits both migrants and society. According to Director-General William Lacy Swing of IOM: "Migration is not a problem that needs to be solved; it is a reality that needs to be managed."

In this exhibition, IOM highlights migration management from different sides through personal stories from migrants and employees. You will meet the migrants IOM meets on a daily basis. Some of them arrived in the Netherlands a long time ago and want to use their knowledge for the development of their country of origin, others are just taking the first steps in the Netherlands; or have left the Netherlands because their future lies elsewhere.

The exhibition “Achter de schermen van migratiemanagement. Het werk van de Internationale Organisatie voor Migratie in beeld” is shown from 27th November to 14th December 2017 at Atrium City Hall, Spui in The Hague.

In 2018 the exhibition will be shown in other Dutch cities. In this way IOM wants to contribute to a respectful dialogue about migration and the people involved.