Reintegration Assistance: changes effective as per July 2017

From 1 July onwards, reintegration assistance by IOM NL to migrants who wish to return voluntarily has changed. In addition to the basic assistance offered in REAN, new regulations apply relating to reintegration. Also, as of 12 July 2017, migrants with the Ukrainian nationality are excluded from return support by IOM.

Migrants in the Netherlands, who would like to return to their country of origin or who are eligible for resettlement in a third country, can ask IOM to assist them based on the REAN programme. Additionally, migrants can receive assistance from the AVRR-NL project (Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration). The AVRR-NL contribution supports the reintegration of migrants in their country of origin or in a third country.

The AVRR-NL project offers a reintegration budget of maximum € 1800 for adults, € 2800 for minor children returning with their family and € 2800 for unaccompanied minor children. The amounts are not paid in cash, but given in goods and/or services as ‘in kind’ assistance, to be used for an income generating activity (such as a small business), education and, if necessary, on accommodation.
Before departure, the returnee will prepare a reintegration plan with an IOM counsellor, in which he/she explains how the budget will be used. After return in the country of origin, the plan will be developed further with an IOM officer. Based on the wishes and experience of the migrant, the possibilities in the country of origin and the advice of IOM, a final reintegration plan will be determined. IOM in the country of origin will ensure the payment to the service provider and/or suppliers of goods.

Migrants who have applied for IOM return assistance before 1 July 2017 will have to depart on 31 August 2017 at the latest in order to receive reintegration assistance under the old arrangements.

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For more information about reintegration assistance you can contact IOM on 088 746 44 66.