Increasing Migrant Labour Participation in the Netherlands

IOM and the Dutch Demographic Society hosted a seminar and networking event on 9 March in The Hague to outline the challenges to improve labour market participation of migrants in the Netherlands.

9-3-3The aim of the event was to bring employers, experts, migrants, academics and other stakeholders together to discuss the current state of migrant employment in the Netherlands and to promote good initiatives in support of employers and migrants. A key element of the programme addressed the challenges faced by employers and migrants alike to recognize foreign-earned skills and qualifications. IOM presented its Skills2Work initiative, which focuses on skills recognition in nine European member states. The seminar was followed by a reception and market place event where promising initiatives were presented. Integration of migrants is one of IOM the Netherlands’ core activities. To learn more about the integration activities of the International Organization for Migration, please click here.9-3-1





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