IOM Begins Resettlement Syrians to Europe Under EU-Turkey Deal

TKHVAs the first three boats carrying migrants departed Greece for Turkey on April 4th, IOM Turkey organized the departure of 32 Syrians to Germany and 11 Syrians to Finland, followed by a group resettled to the Netherlands this morning.

IOM Turkey is in ongoing discussions with other European nations for more Syrian resettlements. The process begins when the refugee is referred to the resettlement country, which then contacts IOM to assist a selection mission.  
Once the selection is mutually agreed, IOM Turkey performs pre-departure medical checks to ensure each refugee is fit to travel. It also arranges all transport to resettlement countries from Turkey.

According to the European Commission, the resettlements currently underway are part of commitments made by EU Member States at the 22 July 2015 Council. These include some 18,000 resettlement places yet to be filled.

“These resettlements offer refugees a viable alternative to dangerous, irregular sea journeys.  Although this is a good step, more must be done and more places must be opened. They should include resettlement slots, but also family reunification and student visas,” said IOM Turkey Chief of Mission Lado Gvilava.

Since the conflict in Syria began six years ago, IOM Turkey has assisted nearly 9,500 Syrians resettling to third countries.
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