IOM Assists in Resettlement of over 5,200 Syrians in Canada during December 2015

Jordan - During the month of December 2015, IOM assisted the Government of Canada and partners in the resettlement of 5,226 Syrian refugees as part of the effort to resettle 25,000 of the most vulnerable to Canada by early 2016.

The first flight of the operation departed Beirut on 10 December, meaning that an average of 1,742 Syrian refugees arrived in Canada per following week until the end of 2015.

The respective caseloads for both Jordan and Lebanon will now continue to be processed including undergoing medical and security screenings, obtaining visas, and then boarding chartered flights to complete their resettlement to Canada.

IOM has assisted the Canadian resettlement effort by providing transport, medical screening and administrative and logistics support. The Government of Canada interviews the refugees, records their biometrics and is responsible for security screening and all decisions related to visa issuance.

“It’s hard to leave everything we know behind, but this is a better future for all of us, especially the children,” said Asmaa, mother of six, as she waited for processing in Amman. Her family has been living in Zaatari refugee camp for three years. “My friends tell me not to hesitate – that moving to Canada will be the best thing that ever happens to us.”

IAAM You can read more about Asmaa and other Syrians who are currently being resettled in Canada at www.iamamigrant.org.

The Syrians being resettled in Canada have been living in both urban and camp settings.

“I am incredibly pleased with the speed and efficiency that IOM has been accomplishing this momentous task,” said IOM Jordan Chief of Mission Enrico Ponziani, adding, “We look forward to more charter flights in January.”

“Our staff’s willingness to work around the clock, as well as the partnership with the Governments of Canada, Jordan and Lebanon, have made the last month of 2015 a success,” said IOM Lebanon Chief of Mission Fawzi al Zaioud.

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