‘Opportunities and Challenges’: International Conference on the Reintegration of Returning Migrants

On 3 April IOM hosted an International Conference in The Hague on the return and reintegration of migrants from the Netherlands to countries of origin.
The Conference was attended by relevant actors in the Netherlands, as well as government representatives, civil society partners and IOM reintegration specialists from selected countries of origin (China, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Libya, Mongolia, Morocco and Suriname).
With the results and outcomes of this conference, IOM hopes to contribute to future policies and practices that will enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of voluntary return and reintegration.

Since 2012, a combination of cash and in-kind reintegration assistance is provided to (former) asylum seekers returning voluntarily to their country of origin from the Netherlands. IOM The Hague, as well as other non-governmental organizations, implement in-kind reintegration projects with the support of local IOM offices and local NGOs in various countries of origin.

Migrants who return on a voluntary basis with IOM to their countries of origin face many practical opportunities and challenges during their reintegration process. The Conference aimed at assessing the impact of the provided reintegration assistance and at strengthening the cooperation and coordination between the different stakeholders in the return and reintegration process.

On 2 April IOM organized field visits for the participants from the counties of origin. During these visits potential returnees in various parts of the Netherlands received first-hand information about return and reintegration. The day after the Conference delegations of the countries of origin and Dutch government officials met for bilateral discussions.
The Conference was funded by the European Return Fund, with co-funding from the Repatriation and Departure Service.

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