Annual Report 2012 IOM the Netherlands

Voluntary return and Reintegration

In 2012, some 3,000 migrants in the Netherlands decided to return to their home country with the support of IOM. Voluntary return is not just about travel arrangements, but more about helping migrants address the many challenges they face during reintegration in their home society. IOM was able to further expand its services to voluntary returnees in 2012. More reintegration packages with a range of options were made available through various projects.

Migration & Development

In 2012, IOM continued to work with migrant organizations in the Netherlands and other European countries in the implementation of Migration and Development (M&D) projects and the development of new initiatives. The commitment of the diaspora to participate in projects that contribute to the development of their home countries was as strong in 2012 as in the previous years.

Arrivals to the Netherlands and Integration

As part of the Dutch resettlement programme, IOM facilitated the resettlement of 429 refugees to the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the IOM offices in countries of departure and various partner organizations. The top five nationalities in 2012 were: Iraqi, Myanmarese, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Pakistani.
IOM provides assistance to family members entitled to reunite with an accepted asylum seeker in the Netherlands. The number of 96 migrants assisted with family reunification services by IOM Netherlands in 2012 was approximately at the same level as in 2011. The majority of these migrants were Somalis.
In December 2012 the GIVE (Grassroot Integration through Volunteering Experiences) project started. The project aims to support the integration of migrants through increased participation in volunteer work. IOM’s cultural orientation training for different groups bound for the Netherlands also paves the way for integration in Dutch society.


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